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At Cotswold Mobility, we offer a large range of wheelchairs that can be customised to a customers exacting requirements.

For all customised wheelchair options, please contact us for your bespoke quotation.


As an Invacare distributor, we provide a large number of Invacare products both used and new and offer a range of support and servicing options for existing and future owners of Invacare products.

“Since 1885, Invacare has helped people with disabilities live life. Today, Invacare is the market leading manufacturer of home-care, long-term care and acute equipment.” Invacare 2014.

The Leo

The Invacare Leo is a scooter designed for all those that value their independence and wish to get out and about by themselves. Safety is a key feature of the Leo, but this does not detract from its stylish and sporty looks. Leo offers drivers the freedom and confidence to enjoy their essential daily outings and leisure excursions. With exactingly high standards of design and safety engineering, the Leo undoubtedly sets a new market standard.

Download the Leo Brochure: Click here

Cotswold Mobility supplies Invacare `The Leo` wheelchairs Cotswold Mobility supplies Invacare Spectra XTR 2 wheelchairs

Spectra XTR 2

The Invacare Spectra XTR 2 has been developed to combine powerful driving performance with comfort. High torque motors and a unique suspension design provide a smoother, easier ride. The new Modulite™ seating system offers unrivalled flexibility and modularity providing a solution for many postural needs. An easy to remove cable free battery system means that the Spectra XTR 2 is extremely quick and simple to service.

Download the Spectra brochure: Click here

Cotswold Mobility supplies Invacare Kuschall wheelchairs


The optimal selection for a perfect design. Experience superior driving performance with exceptional strength and aesthetic appeal. The high-end materials of Titanium and Carbon leave nothing else to be desired.

Download the Küschall Brochure: Click here

Cotswold Mobility supplies Invacare Rea Azalea wheelchairs

Rea Azalea

The Rea Azalea is the natural choice for the moderately active person as well as for the more passive one. The comfortable seating system allows you to alter the seat position, ensuring maximum comfort at all times. This combined with good driving characteristics makes Azalea the ideal choice. Azalea is a self propelling wheelchair with large rear wheels, and is complimented with an alternative transit version that keeps the same frame but with small rear wheels called Rea Azalea Transit.

Download the Rea Azalea Brochure: Click Here


“Ottobock is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of prosthetic limbs, orthotic supports and wheelchairs that facilitate independence. For private patients, Ottobock offers a full range of rehabilitation services at our private clinics across the country. Our staff are experienced in working with complex cases and are committed to helping you achieve the greatest results possible” Otto-bock 2014

On this page we have products and services. Click or scroll down to take a look.

Otto Bock Invacare #Used

Nearly New & Used

Cotswold Mobility supplies Otto-bock B400 wheelchairs


The B400 features a compact design with an overall width of 58 cm. Thus it can easily pass through narrow doorways. The low seat height

of 40 cm allows the user to manoeuvre the wheelchair under tables and workstations with no problems. The compact construction is the

greatest advantage of the B400. It is also a good choice for users on the go. It can easily negotiate curbs and inclines. The new standard suspension on the drive unit provides additional comfort on long journeys. The design has been changed to give the B400 a fresh new look.

Download the B400 Brochure: Click Here

B500/B600 Family

Naturally the B500/B600 models feature all the advantages: the VR2, enAble®40 and enAble®50 control units adapted to the needs of the user along with their flexibility and modular structure. All B500/B600 models feature outstanding operational safety and service friendliness, are available with a choice of comfortable control options and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. With optionally available modules, each model can be customised to create the exact B500/B600 that each individual user really needs: with extended electric seat options, electric seat tilt up to 45°, Contour and Recaro® seats or electric lighting. Ultimate flexibility. And highly personalised.

Download the B500/B600 Family Brochure: Click here

Cotswold Mobility supplies Otto-bock B500/600 family wheelchairs

Used stock

We stock a large variety of used and nearly new mobility equipment. To find out if we have the ideal solution for your needs, please contact one of our friendly staff who will be happy to help you. Alternatively, fill in the `comments` form on the `contact us` page and we will endeavour to respond as soon as we can.

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